We blend creativity and technology to grow our client's businesses

At EROR, we serve our clients by creating best-in-class experiences that our customers love. We do this by combining strong strategic and creative thinking with expert data analysis and a deep understanding of current and emerging technologies.

Sell more. Increase revenue.

Within a short period of time EROR has emerged as one of the leading players of the marketing and distribution business with a focus on branded consumer electronics. We distribute leading brands covering mobile phones and accessories, tablets, cameras, speakers, portable audio and stacks more.

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At EROR, we ensure that every product is marketed at only the highest level to the right customer base. EROR has consistently built an extensive network of loyal wholesalers, resellers, retailers and e-tailers. Our channel partners rely on us every single day to provide them with the most economical support the industry demands for end users of all levels, from small to medium sized stores to the more sizable retailers. Therefore, we are 100% committed to an end to end support system as we believe support starts before users become users and doesn’t end until they are long since moved on.

We’re experts is building brands and extending your reach locally. Get your product out to the masses by linking up with EROR.

About Us

Specializing in Apple Inc. products and accessories, EROR Store retails a range of high-quality branded consumer technology. We offer a huge range of electronic gadgets dedicated to make the lives of our customers easier. Our customer centric approach has made us the fastest growing tech retail store in Saudi Arabia to date.

We’re also on a mission to inspire the Middle East to do incredible things for our people and our planet. That’s why it’s our mission to help build a sustainable future by improving the social, economic, and environmental wellbeing of our community

Here to help your business hum

We started off as a humble tech start-up, so we know the importance of reducing overheads to keep your business humming.

We represent brands in a way that will guarantee success in the Middle East with our cutting-edge techniques and enthusiasm. These added dimensions give EROR the edge and set us apart from the competition. We provide you with the chance to showcase your product to the entire Middle Eastern market with our exclusive reach.

Our diversification strategically seeks to re-position our products, services and customer portfolios in market segments through various categories, channels and geographical regions. With our highly trained sales reps, smooth running sales process, technological capabilities and market knowledge, we are streaks ahead.


We’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to build what we believe is an unrivalled collection of talent and experience. These three values define who we hire and promote, and are representative of the service you can expect as an EROR client or customer.

Tell it like it is

Be confident and speak your mind. Strong teams rely of different perspectives.

Be a good human

Great people make great team mates. Show empathy and practice emotional intelligence.

Absolutely no egos

Own mistakes and failures honestly. Enjoy successes and never point fingers.

When you’re as obsessed with quality and performance as we are, going above and beyond for our customers comes naturally.

  • Durable and high-quality products
  • Accessible shipping options, so that they feel we’re dependable when delivering products.
  • Gadgets that are stylish and turbo-charged with performance, so that they can easily keep up with the newest trends.
  • Branded products, so they feel a sense of community, seen with the latest and best electronics.
  • Electronics they will feel proud to own, and proud to show off to the people in their lives.

We're Real People, Not Robots

EROR is the first store of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Technology is an important part of experiencing everyday life and that gives us a chance to change the way people think.

By spreading awareness of the importance of being socially and environmentally conscious in the tech industry, we are setting really high standards in our market. That means better products for our customers, and a healthier planet for all of us.

Let’s introduce you to our team who’re passionate about making all of this happen:

Khalid Aqeel | Managing Directo

Known as the “big guns” of our company. When he’s not making sure that performance in is high gear, he loves helping clients achieve their business goals. He’s a workaholic in terms of moving his client’s businesses forward.

Rakan Alanazi | General Manager

This man oversees day to day operations of the store with an open mind and a light heart. Not only does he lead by example, but he’s quick to lighten up your day with a hilarious joke. In his free time when he’s not motivating our passionate team, you’ll find him hunting or camping in the desert.

Becca Mcfarlane | Personal Executive Assistant

She’s a jack of all trades, master of many. As a hybrid between executive assistant, marketing director and business development management, she helps Khalid with a variety of administrative tasks. When she isn’t giving 110% to clients, she’ll be exploring an adventure in a new country.

Abdulsalam Hamud | Accountant/Assistant Manager

As Rakan’s wingman, Abdulsalam also makes things run like a well-oiled machine. When Abdulsalam isn’t managing our money, he’s building relationships with our customers. He’s heavily motivated by seeing customers come back time and time again. On his days off, you can find him watching or playing Soccer.

Sahir Ahmed | Sales Director

Known as the “front man” of our company, he takes care of our corporate clients. He spends most of his time on the road mentoring the team and overdelivering satisfaction to his clients. As an avid foodie, he makes sure the team eats well.

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If you believe your product is a fit, get in contact to experience the EROR difference today.