Magic-Monster Smartphone Cooler يد ألعاب بمروحة تبريد

Baseus Magic-Monster Smartphone Cooler / Power Bank - 2000mAh, 5V

ر.س 129
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When you play it, play like a boss!
Equipped with 22-blade dual fan technology, this Baseus Magic Monster fan cooler will prevent your smartphone from getting hot and degrading its performance due to the heat.
A diamond style pattern with ergonomic design allows you to view media hands-free. In combination with two-color atmosphere lights, Baseus Magic Monster looks perfect for gamer’s layouts.
This fan cooler got a rechargeable battery of 2000mAh and a power bank function, which will save your gaming in a critical situation like a low battery, and because of a 1,5m long cord, you won’t need to stop your gaming at all. It can be used with devices with a screen width between 4 “- 6.3”

– Powerful 22-blade fan cooler by Baseus with a modern gamer design
– Doesn’t allow your phone to heat up, and decrease its performance, ever
– Stand function because of its diamond style design, allows freehand use of your smartphone
– Powerbank function with built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery
– Compatible with most devices of a screen width between 4 “- 6.3”
– Silicone anti-slip and mobile, fixed buckle prevents your smartphone from slipping and damaging
– Red and blue bi-color lights for a better gaming atmosphere

– Battery: Lithium battery
– Capacity: 2000mAh
– Input current: 5V-1A
– Output current: 5V-1.5A
– Use time: About 2-2,5 hours
– Charge time: 1,5 hours
– Charging cable length: 1,5m


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